Instructions for Course Registration: ODD Semester 2024-2025 Session

UG Third Semester


The UG (undergraduate) students need to study four types of courses in their Third semester – TWO MAJOR courses of 6 credits each, ONE SEC (Skill Enhancement Course) of 4 credits, ONE VAC (Value Added Course) of 3 credits and ONE MC (Minor Course) of 6 credits.

All types of courses offered in the Second Semester will be covered under the comprehensive registration.

The courses offered by various departments for the Odd Semester 2024-2025 are listed below. The UG THIRD semester students are requested to choose and register for the courses, as per the requirement, within the stipulated timeline.

The steps of the registration process are as follows:

1) Online Registration of Courses shall be preceded by the opening of an account of Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) by the students (at NAD Digilocker Portal) which is mandatory.

2) After opening of ABC account (or if already having an ABC account), the students shall select and register for their courses on the university portal.

3) The students shall crosscheck their names in the list of applicants to ensure that the registration is done.

4) Registration of courses shall be completed with online payment of semester fees, examination fees etc. (as applicable) by the students.

5) The students shall download registration cards.

Major Courses: 6 credits

‘Major’ is a compulsory course studied by a student from his/her own major department.

The list of MAJOR courses offered by various departments for ODD Semester 2024-2025 session is given below. The UG THIRD SEMESTER students are requested to register for their respective MAJOR courses.

DepartmentPaper codePaper Name
BengaliBENG201C05Prachin O Madhyajuger Bangla Sahityer Itihas O Kavyapath
BengaliBENG202C06Adhunik Bangla Sahityer Itihas
EconomicsECON201C05Intermediate Microeconomics-I
EconomicsECON202C06Intermediate Macroeconomics-I
EnglishENGL201C05American Literature
EnglishENGL202C06Popular Literature
GeographyGEOG201C05Economic Geography
GeographyGEOG241C06Analytical Cartography
HindiHIND201C05Chhayavadottar Hindi Kavita
HindiHIND202C06Bhartiya Kavya Shastra
HistoryHIST201C05History of India III (c. 750 - 1206)
HistoryHIST202C06Rise of Modern West I
Life SciencesLISC201C05Introduction to Microbiology and Genetics
Life SciencesLISC202C06Introduction to Immunology and Developmental Biology
MathematicsMATH201C05Real Analysis - II and Ordinary Differential Equations
MathematicsMATH202C06Linear Algebra - I
Performing ArtsPFAR201C05Thinking Performance ? 1
Performing ArtsPFAR241C06Performance Practice ? 3
PhilosophyPHIL201C05Western Ethics
PhilosophyPHIL202C06History of Modern Western Philosophy
PhysicsPHYS201C05Mathematical Physics II
PhysicsPHYS202C06Thermal Physics
Political SciencePOLS201C05Perspectives on International Relations and World History
Political SciencePOLS201C06Indian Politics II
SociologySOCL201C05Classical Sociological Thought II
SociologySOCL202C06Research Methods I: Qualitative Methods
StatisticsSTAT201C05Mathematical Analysis and Calculus
StatisticsSTAT202C06Inference I


SEC (Skill Enhancement Course): 4 credits

Skill Enhancement Courses are value-based and/or skill-based and are aimed at providing hands-on-training, competencies, skills, etc. offered by the main discipline/subject of study.

At the beginning of each semester, they need to choose and register for SEC course in a particular time window provided by the university. The students must stick to the registration schedule published on the university website. No request for registration can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The list of SEC subjects offered by various departments for UG Third semester in ODD Semester 2024-2025 session is given below. The UG THIRD SEMESTER students are requested to choose ANY ONE of these courses from their respective honours departments.

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of
BengaliBENG203SEC01Bangla Bijnapan O GranthanirmanBengali
EconomicsECON291SEC01Working with Data (Sessional)Economics
EnglishENGL203SEC01Film StudiesEnglish
GeographyGEOG242SEC01GIS and GNSSGeography
GeologyGEOL241SEC01Field work - 1Geology
HindiHIND203SEC01Vigyapan: Avdharna Nirman Evam PrayogHindi
HistoryHIST203SEC01AUnderstanding HeritageHistory
Life SciencesLISC241SEC01Applied nutrition and dieteticsLife Sciences
MathematicsMATH241SEC01Computer Programming with CMathematics
Performing ArtsPFAR242SEC01Documentation, Archive and EthnographyPerforming Arts
PhilosophyPHIL203SEC01Seminar Paper Writing and PresentationPhilosophy
PhysicsPHYS203SEC01Computer Programming (Statistical Inference)Physics
Political SciencePOLS241SEC01Group Discussion Political Science
SociologySOCL241SEC01Literature ReviewSociology
StatisticsSTAT241SEC01Statistical Computing Using R and ExcelStatistics


VAC (Value Added Course): 3 credits

For the students of Humanities and Social Sciences & Natural and mathematical sciences, Environmental Science is the compulsory VAC in the UG Third semester.

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of
Life SciencesENVS204VAC01Environmental ScienceBoth


MC (Minor Course): 6 credits

‘Minor Course’ is a course to be chosen by a student from a discipline/subject OTHER THAN his/her major department, with an intention to seek exposure beyond his/her major discipline/ subject.

The list of MC (Minor Course) courses offered by various departments for Odd Semester 2024-2025 session is given below. The UG THIRD SEMESTER students are requested to choose ANY ONE of these courses EXCEPT THE COURSE OFFERED BY THEIR MAJOR DEPARTMENT. Please note the seat limit and other prerequisites of the course while choosing.

DepartmentPaperPaper CodeTo offer to students ofSeat LimitOccupiedStatus
BengaliSishu-Kishore SahityaBENG205MC03Both6052Open
ChemistrySolutions, Phase Equilibria, Conductance, Electrochemistry & Functional Group Organic ChemistryCHEM205MC03Science5229Open
EconomicsIndian Economy IECON205MC03BothNo Limit22Open
EnglishLanguage, Literature and CultureENGL205MC03Both5053Closed
GeographyGeography of TourismGEOG205MC03Both308Open
GeologyResource GeologyGEOL205MC03BScience1515Closed
HindiAdhunik Bharatiya SahityaHIND205MC03Both304Open
HistoryEarly Modern South Asian CulturesHIST205MC03Both4614Open
LanguageGerman Language and Culture IILANG205MC03Both2514Open
Life SciencesFundamentals of the Animal WorldLISC205MC03Science8037Open
MathematicsAlgebra IMATH205MC03Science6034Open
Performing ArtsOverview of World Performing ArtsPFAR205MC03Both2021Closed
PhilosophyWorld religionPHIL205MC03BothNo Limit47Open
PhysicsElements of Modern PhysicsPHYS205MC3Science6024Open
Political ScienceIndia and the World POLS205MC03ABoth4026Open
SociologyRethinking DevelopmentSOCL205MC03Both503Open
StatisticsBasics of Statistical InferenceSTAT205MC03Science3012Open


NOTE: (i) STAT205MC03 course be can chosen only by Science Faculty students who opted and cleared STAT154MC02 (Introductory Probability).


Timeline for ODD Semester 2024-2025 (for UG THIRD Semester):

Course registration of UG THIRD semester students for ODD Semester 2024-2025 will commence from 2.00 pm of 9th July 2024. All the students shall register latest by 5.00 pm of 14th July 2024. The students can pay their fees during 9th July to 15th July 2024 to complete the entire course registration process. The students can also change their MC course from 22nd July 2024 to 25th July 2024. No changes will be allowed after this period. The classes for VAC/MC courses will begin from 15th July 2024.

All the students should download their Course registration card from 26th July 2024 to 31st July 2024, get it signed by the respective (major) Departmental Coordinator and Head of the Department and keep it with themselves till the end of the semester. The students may be asked to produce the registration card during the examinations, therefore, they must keep the card properly.

The students must stick to the registration and change schedule. No request for registration/ change can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The students should check the notice board/ contact the office (of the respective VAC/MC department) for exact class routine and other details.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration/ change of courses. To ensure that your registration is done, crosscheck your name in the list of applicants.

Registration of courses shall be completed with online payment of semester fees, examination fees etc. (as applicable) by the students.


Course Registration: 9th July - 14th July 2024

Payment of Fees: 9th July - 15th July 2024

VAC/MC Classes Begin: 15th July 2024

MC Change: 22nd July - 25th July 2024

Card Download: 26th July 2024 - 31st July 2024

Card Submission Last Date: 31st July 2024


The students may contact the faculty coordinator(s) if they need any help. The names of the departmental coordinators are as follows:





Sandip Kumar Mandal


Dibyendu Mallick; Debajyoti Pramanik;


Prithviraj Guha ; Jayeeta Deshmukh ;


Anirban Ray ; Debanjana Nayek ; Mousumi Mondal ; ;


Joy Sanyal


Utsab Ghosal


Rishi Bhusan Choubay


Deepa Khakha; Kishan Sirswal;

English Communication (AECC)

Madhura Damle (Political Science)

Life Science

MD Nur Alam ; Ayan Das ;


Pampa Paul

Performing Arts

Debaroti Chakraborty


Nusrat Jahan; Dibyendu Mondal ;


Subhendu Rajbanshi ; Abhishake Sadhukhan ;

Political Science

Madhura Damle; Y. Suresh Babu ;


Sumita Saha ; Sana Rahman ;


Radhakanta Das



Step 1: Create ABC ID (or if already have an ABC account then go to Step 2)

Step 2: Course Registration

Step 3: Fees Payment

In case of further queries, the students may contact Course Registration Cell Joint Convenors:

Dr. Priyank Pravin Patel, Department of Geography

Dr. Jayeeta Deshmukh, Department of Economics

Dr. Nusrat Jahan, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Debanjana Nayek, Department of English

Controller of Examinations

Applicant List