Instructions for Course Registration: EVEN Semester 2023-2024 Session

PG Second Semester


The PG (Postgraduate) students need to study total five MAJOR courses of 4 credits each in their Second semester.

All courses offered in the Second Semester will be covered under the comprehensive registration.

The courses offered by various departments for the Even Semester 2023-24 are listed below. The PG Second semester students are requested to choose and register for the courses, as per the requirement, in the stipulated timeline.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration of courses. Please use your OWN VALID email ID and mobile no. for the registration.

The steps of the registration process are as follows:

1) Online Registration of Courses shall be preceded by an online facility of opening of an account of Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) by the student/s (at NAD Digilocker Portal) which is mandatory.

2) After opening of ABC account (or if already having an ABC account), the students shall select and register their courses on the university portal.

3) The students shall crosscheck their names in the list of applicants to ensure that the registration is done.

4) Registration of courses shall be completed with online payment of semester fees, examination fees etc. (as applicable) by the students.

5) The students shall download registration cards.

Major Courses: 4 credits

‘Major’ is a compulsory course studied by a student from his/her own major department.

The list of MAJOR courses offered by various departments for Even Semester 2023-2024 session is given below. The PG SECOND SEMESTER students are requested to register for their respective MAJOR courses.

DepartmentPaper codePaper Name
AstrophysicsASTP0801Electromagnetism and Special Relativity
AstrophysicsASTP0802Fundamentals of Quantum Physics-II
AstrophysicsASTP0803Introduction to Astrophysics
AstrophysicsASTP0891Mathematical and Computational Physics-II
AstrophysicsASTP0892Experimental Physics
BengaliBENG0801Bhasacharcha, Upabhasatatwa, Samajbhasabigan
BengaliBENG0802Unish O Bis Shataker Kabya-Kabita Path
BengaliBENG0803Unish O Bis Shataker Upanyas Path
BengaliBENG0804Chhotogalpo Path, Akhyaner Rakamfer O Akhyan Path
BengaliBENG0891Path-Samalochana Prastuti O Baktabya-Upasthapan (Sessional)
BiotechnologyBITG0801Immunology and disease biology
BiotechnologyBITG0802Microbiology & Analytical techniques
BiotechnologyBITG0803Bioinformatics & Genomics and Proteomics
BiotechnologyBITG0891Practical on Microbiology & Bioinformatics and Genomics
BiotechnologyBITG0892Practical on Immunology, & Analytical techniques
ChemistryCHEM0801General Organic Chemistry - II
ChemistryCHEM0802General Inorganic Chemistry ? II
ChemistryCHEM0803General Physical Chemistry - II
ChemistryCHEM0891Organic Chemistry Lab
ChemistryCHEM0892Computer Application
EconomicsECON0801Advanced Microeconomics II
EconomicsECON0802Money, Financial Market and Institutions
EconomicsECON0803Advanced Econometrics I
EconomicsECON0804Advanced Econometrics II
EconomicsECON0891Applied Econometrics I
EnglishENGL0801Narrative I
EnglishENGL0802Advanced Theory (post 1900)
EnglishENGL0803Literature of the Holocaust (Optional 1)
EnglishENGL0804New Woman (Optional 2)
EnglishENGL0891Sessional 2
GeographyGEOG0801Climatology and Oceanography
GeographyGEOG0802Regional Planning and Geography of Trade and Transport
GeographyGEOG0803Philosophy of Geography and Geopolitical Issues
GeographyGEOG0891Advanced Analytical Techniques
GeographyGEOG0892Advanced Geoinformatics
HindiHIND0801Bhasha Vigyan
HindiHIND0802Hindi Natak
HindiHIND0803Samakalin Hindi Kavita
HindiHIND0804Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihas (Adhunik Kal)
HindiHIND0881Pandulipi Addhyayan
HindiHIND0881ASahityik Kriti Ka Filmantran
HindiHIND0881BSahityakar Ke Aitihasik Evam Sahityik Vaktitya Ki Tulna
HistoryHIST0801BSources of Medieval Indian History
HistoryHIST0802ADevelopment of Early Indian Religions and Philosophies
HistoryHIST0803BCulture and Society in Early Modern South Asia
HistoryHIST0804DA History of Small Communities of Foreign Origin in Colonial India
HistoryHIST0891Research Methodology: Reading Texts in History
Life SciencesBIOS0801Genetics and Molecular Biology
Life SciencesBIOS0802Environment, Ecology & Evolution
Life SciencesBIOS0803Microbiology & Immunology
Life SciencesBIOS0891Genetics, Ecology and Environmental Science Practical
Life SciencesBIOS0892Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology practical and Grand Viva
MathematicsMATH0801Algebra - II
MathematicsMATH0802Geometry - I
MathematicsMATH0803Operations Research
MathematicsMATH0891Measure and Probability
MathematicsMATH0892Mathematical Methods - I and Graph Theory
Molecular MicrobiologyMLMB0801Microbial genetics & Immunology
Molecular MicrobiologyMLMB0802Host-microbe interaction & Analytical techniques
Molecular MicrobiologyMLMB0803Bioinformatics & Genomics and Proteomics
Molecular MicrobiologyMLMB0891Practical on Microbial genetics, Host-microbes interaction, & Bioinformatics
Molecular MicrobiologyMLMB0892Practical on Immunology & Analytical techniques
Performing ArtsPFAR0801Concepts and Theories in a Comparative Framework (Part 1)
Performing ArtsPFAR0802Text and Performance: Adaptations and Translations
Performing ArtsPFAR0803Cultural History of Indian Performing Arts ? Medieval Society
Performing ArtsPFAR0891Living Traditions
Performing ArtsPFAR0892Practice as Research - II
PhilosophyPHIL0801Western Logic 2
PhilosophyPHIL0802Indian Metaphysics
PhilosophyPHIL0803Social and Political Philosophy
PhilosophyPHIL0804Western Ethics
PhilosophyPHIL0881Sessional 2 - Presentation/seminar/work shop
PhysicsPHYS0801Statistical Mechanics
PhysicsPHYS0802Quantum Mechanics-II
PhysicsPHYS0803 Condensed Matter Physics
PhysicsPHYS0891PG Laboratory-III (Computational Techniques)
PhysicsPHYS0892PG Laboratory-IV
Political SciencePOLS0801Research Methodology
Political SciencePOLS0802International Relations: Theory and Practice
Political SciencePOLS0803Studies in Comparative Politics
Political SciencePOLS0804Public Administration and Public Policy
Political SciencePOLS0881Sessional
SociologySOCL0802AGlobalisation and Indian Society (Optional)
SociologySOCL0802BSociology of Ageing (Optional)
SociologySOCL0803Religion and Embodiment
SociologySOCL0804Indian Society
SociologySOCL0891Sessional 2
StatisticsSTAT0801Mathematics II
StatisticsSTAT0802Probability II
StatisticsSTAT0803Inference II
StatisticsSTAT0891Regression II
StatisticsSTAT0892Sample Survey and Design of Experiments
Virology and ImmunologyVRIM0801Advanced Immunology
Virology and ImmunologyVRIM0802Advanced Virology
Virology and ImmunologyVRIM0803Bioinformatics & Genomics and Proteomics
Virology and ImmunologyVRIM0891Practical on Immunological Techniques
Virology and ImmunologyVRIM0892Practical on Virological Techniques


Timeline for EVEN Semester 2023-24 (for PG SECOND Semester):

Course registration of PG SECOND semester students for EVEN Semester 2023-2024 will commence from 1.00 pm of 8th April 2024. All the students shall register latest by 5.00 pm of 14th April 2024. The students can pay their fees during 8th April 2024 to 15th April 2024 to complete the entire course registration process.

All the students should download their Course registration card from 16th April 2024 to 20th April 2024, get it signed by the respective (major) Departmental Coordinator and Head of the Department and keep it with themselves till the end of the semester. The students may be asked to produce the registration card during the examinations, therefore, they must keep the card properly.

The students must stick to the registration schedule. No request for registration can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration/ change of courses. To ensure that your registration is done, crosscheck your name in the list of applicants.

Registration of courses shall be completed with online payment of semester fees, examination fees etc. (as applicable) by the students.


Course Registration: 8th April 2024 – 14th April 2024

Payment of Fees: 8th April 2024 – 15th April 2024

Card Download: 16th April 2024 – 20th April 2024

Card Submission Last Date: 20th April 2024


The students may contact the faculty coordinator(s) if they need any help. The names of the departmental coordinators are as follows:





Sandip Kumar Mandal


Dibyendu Mallick; Debajyoti Pramanik;


Prithviraj Guha ; Jayeeta Deshmukh ;


Priyanka Das ; Kalyan Kumar Das ; Anirban Ray ; Debanjana Nayek ; ; ;


Jay Sanyal


Md Sayad Rahaman


Rishi Bhusan Choubay


Kishan Sirswal, Salim Zaweed, Deepa Khakha; Gourav Lama;;;

Life Science

MD Nur Alam ; Ayan Das ;


Pampa Paul

Performing Arts

Debaroti Chakraborty


Nusrat Jahan; Dibyendu Mondal ;


Subhendu Rajbanshi ; Abhishake Sadhukhan ;

Political Science

Madhura Damle; Y. Suresh Babu ;


Sumita Saha ; Sana Rahman ;


Radhakanta Das



Step 1: Create ABC ID (or if already have an ABC account then go to Step 2)

Step 2: Course Registration

Step 3: Fees Payment

In case of further queries, the students may contact Course Registration Cell Joint Convenors:

Dr. Madhura Damle, Department of Political Science

Dr. Suranjana Banerji, Department of Geography

Controller of Examinations


Applicant List Course Registration Card