Instructions for Course Registration: EVEN Semester 2023-2024 Session

UG Second Semester


The UG (undergraduate) students need to study four types of courses in their SECOND semester – TWO MAJOR courses of 6 credits each, ONE AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course) of 4 credits, ONE MC (Minor Course) of 6 credits and TWO MDC (Multi-Disciplinary Course) of 3 credits each.

All types of courses offered in the Second Semester will be covered under the comprehensive registration.

The courses offered by various departments for the Even Semester 2023-2024 are listed below. The UG SECOND semester students are requested to choose and register for the courses, as per the requirement, within the stipulated timeline.

The steps of the registration process are as follows:

1) Online Registration of Courses shall be preceded by the opening of an account of Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) by the students (at NAD Digilocker Portal) which is mandatory.

2) After opening of ABC account (or if already having an ABC account), the students shall select and register for their courses on the university portal.

3) The students shall crosscheck their names in the list of applicants to ensure that the registration is done.

4) Registration of courses shall be completed with online payment of semester fees, examination fees etc. (as applicable) by the students.

5) The students shall download registration cards.

Major Courses: 6 credits

‘Major’ is a compulsory course studied by a student from his/her own major department.

The list of MAJOR courses offered by various departments for EVEN Semester 2023-2024 session is given below. The UG SECOND SEMESTER students are requested to register for their respective MAJOR courses.

DepartmentPaper codePaper Name
BengaliBENG151C03Bangla Bhasa : Anchalik O Samajik Boichitra
BengaliBENG152C04Bangalir Sangsktitik Jibancharja
EconomicsECON151C03Introductory Macroeconomics
EconomicsECON152C04Mathematical Methods in Economics-II
EnglishENGL151C03Indian Writing in English
EnglishENGL152C04British Poetry and Drama:14th to 17th Centuries
GeographyGEOG151C03Population and Settlement Geography
GeographyGEOG152C04Statistical Techniques in Geography
GeologyGEOL151C03Igneous Petrology
GeologyGEOL152C04Structural Geology
HindiHIND151C03Adikalin Evam Madhyakalin Hindi Kavita
HindiHIND152C04Adhunik Hindi Kavita (Chhayavad Tak)
HistoryHIST151C03History of India II (300BCE-750 CE)
HistoryHIST152C04Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World
Life SciencesLISC151C03Biochemistry and Biophysics
Life SciencesLISC152C04Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology
MathematicsMATH151C03Real Analysis - I
MathematicsMATH152C04Groups and Rings - I
Performing Arts PFAR151C03Performance History - 1
Performing Arts PFAR191C04Performance Practice - 2
PhilosophyPHIL151C03Traditional Logic
PhilosophyPHIL152C04Systems of Indian Philosophy I
PhysicsPHYS151C03Waves and Optics
PhysicsPHYS152C04Electricity and Magnetism
Political SciencePOLS151C03Political Theory: Concepts and Debates
Political SciencePOLS152C04Indian Politics I
SociologySOCL151C03Classical Sociological Thought I
SociologySOCL152C04Colonialism & Society in India: The 19th Century
StatisticsSTAT151C03Linear Algebra
StatisticsSTAT152C04Probability and Probability Distributions II


AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course): 4 credits

AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course) is a course in language communication. For the students of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, MIL (Modern Indian Language) is the compulsory AECC in the UG Second semester. The students of Natural and Mathematical Sciences are requested to choose ANY ONE of the following courses offered by various departments in EVEN semester 2023-2024 session:

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of
BengaliBENG153AECC02Bangla Byakaran O NirmitiNatural and Mathematical Sciences
HindiHIND153AECC02Bhasha Hindi Aur SampreshanNatural and Mathematical Sciences


For the students of Humanities and Social Sciences, English Communication is the compulsory AECC in the UG Second semester.

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of
LanguageLANG153AECC02English Communication /MILHumanities and Social Sciences


NOTE: The classes of English Communication will take place in Meghnad Saha Lecture Theatre of Physics Department (PLT-1).

MC (Minor Course): 6 credits

‘Minor Course’ is a course to be chosen by a student from a discipline/subject OTHER THAN his/her major department, with an intention to seek exposure beyond his/her major discipline/ subject.

The list of MC (Minor Course) courses offered by various departments for Even Semester 2023-2024 session is given below. The UG SECOND SEMESTER students are requested to choose ANY ONE of these courses EXCEPT THE COURSE OFFERED BY THEIR MAJOR DEPARTMENT. Please note the seat limit and other prerequisites of the course while choosing.

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of (Arts/Science Faculty)Seat LimitOccupiedStatus
BengaliBENG154MC02Kalpabignan, Thriller O FantasyBoth6041Open
ChemistryCHEM154MC02Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Organic ChemistryScience5217Open
EconomicsECON154MC02Introductory MacroeconomicsBothNo Limit19Open
EnglishENGL154MC02Media and Communication Skills: Digital HumanitiesBoth5048Open
GeographyGEOG154MC02Natural Hazards and Environmental PollutionBothNo Limit14Open
GeologyGEOL154MC02Rocks And MineralsScienceNo Limit9Open
HindiHIND154MC02Adhunik BharatiyaKavitaBothNo LimitOpen
HistoryHIST154MC02The Twentieth Century WorldBothNo Limit28Open
LanguageLANG154MC02AGerman Language and Culture IBoth3025Open
Life SciencesLISC154MC02Introduction to plant tissue culture and Genetically Modified PlantsScience8026Open
MathematicsMATH154MC02Integral Calculus and Differential EquationsScience8058Open
Performing Arts PFAR154MC02What is PerformanceBoth2018Open
PhilosophyPHIL154MC02Recent Indian Philosophe rsBothNo Limit27Open
PhysicsPHYS154MC02General Properties of MatterScience3029Open
Political SciencePOLS154MC02BCaste and Politics in IndiaBothNo Limit17Open
SociologySOCL154MC02Family and IntimacyBothNo Limit21Open
StatisticsSTAT154MC02Introductory ProbabilityBoth4027Open


NOTE: (i) STAT154MC02 course can choose anyone with knowledge in basic mathematics and basic calculus

(ii)The classes of German Language and Culture I will take place in e-classroom of central library.


MDC (Multi Disciplinary Courses): 3 credits

MDC is a course from Other Discipline intended to broaden the intellectual experience and forms a part of liberal art and science education.

The list of MDC (Multi Disciplinary Courses) courses offered by various departments for EVEN Semester 2023-2024 session is given below. The UG SECOND SEMESTER students are requested to choose ANY TWO of these courses.

DepartmentPaper codePaperOpen forSeat LimitOccupiedStatus
AstrophysicsASTP155MDC02Space Time and the UniverseOpen to all students3023Open
Bengali .BENG155MDC02Bharatiya Sahity Path (Anudita)Open to all students6060Closed
Bengali .BENG156MDC03Antarbidyak Prabandha PathOpen to all students6060Closed
ChemistryCHEM156MDC03Elements of Matter and States of MattersOpen to all students except ChemistryNo Limit20Open
Chemistry .CHEM155MDC02Chemistry of Dyes, Colours, Application of Dyes and The Chemistry of FireworksOpen to all studentsNo Limit18Open
Economics .ECON191MDC02Emotional Intelligence and Organizational ExcellenceOpen to all students3029Open
Economics .ECON192MDC03Sports ManagementOpen to all students3031Closed
English .ENGL155MDC02Literature and Popular CultureOpen to all students3030Closed
English .ENGL156MDC03Literature and GenderOpen to all students3029Open
Geography .GEOG155MDC02Basic Python ProgrammingOpen to all studentsNo Limit58Open
Geography .GEOG156MDC03Rural DevelopmentOpen to all studentsNo Limit52Open
Geology .GEOL191MDC02Computational Techniques and ProgrammingOpen to all science faculty students3227Open
Geology .GEOL156MDC03Evolutionary PalaeobiologyOpen to all science faculty students3229Open
Hindi .HIND155MDC02Tulanatmak SahityaOpen to all students301Open
Hindi .HIND156MDC03 Sahitya Aur ManovigyanOpen to all students3013Open
History .HIST155MDC02Everyday Life in HistoryOpen to all studentsNo Limit54Open
History .HIST156MDC03Women in Indian SocietyOpen to all studentsNo Limit32Open
Life SciencesLISC155MDC02Human Body the works and its careNOT open for students of Life Sciences dept. Open to all other students who did not study Biology at class 12805Open
Life SciencesLISC156MDC03Economic Applications of Plant and Microbial BiotechnologyNOT open for students of Life Sciences dept. Open to all other students who did not study Biology at class 12805Open
MathematicsMATH191MDC02Joy of Numbers 2 (S)Those who have not studies Mathematics in 10+2 level600Open
MathematicsMATH192MDC03Elementary geometry: The conic sections (S)Those who have not studies Mathematics in 10+2 level600Open
Performing Arts .PFAR192MDC02Let?s Watch and ListenStudents of Performing Arts DepartmentNo Limit4Open
Performing Arts .PFAR193MDC03Principles of English Grammar and CompositionOpen to all students2022Closed
Philosophy .PHIL155MDC02Contemporary Ethical Issues in IndiaOpen to all studentsNo Limit34Open
Philosophy .PHIL156MDC03Medical EthicsOpen to all studentsNo Limit37Open
PhysicsPHYS155MDC02Laboratory data analysis with Computer ProgrammingFor science faculty students except Physics300Open
Physics .PHYS156MDC03Renewable Energy: Sources and HarvestingOpen to all science faculty students3014Open
Political Science .POLS155MDC02Foundations of Political EconomyOpen to all students5038Open
Political Science .POLS156MDC03Globalisation: Context and IssuesOpen to all students5032Open
Sociology .SOCL155MDC02HistoriographyOpen to all students5028Open
Sociology .SOCL156MDC03Literature & PerformanceOpen to all students5030Open
Statistics .STAT155MDC02Statistics for BioscienceAnyone who has not opted STAT156MDC03 paper as other MDC5015Open
Statistics .STAT156MDC03Statistics for PractitionersThose who did not study Statistics at Class 12 and have not opted for STAT155MDC02 paper as other MDC5018Open


Timeline for EVEN Semester 2023-2024 (for UG SECOND Semester):

Course registration of UG SECOND semester students for EVEN Semester 2023-2024 will commence from 1.00 pm of 2nd February 2024. All the students shall register latest by 5.00 pm of 10th February 2024. The students can pay their fees during 2nd February to 11th February 2024 to complete the entire course registration process. The students can also change their AECC/MC/MDC course from 12th February 2024 to 18th February 2024. No changes will be allowed after this period. The classes for AECC/MC/MDC courses will begin from 8th February 2024.

All the students should download their Course registration card from 19th February 2024 to 25th February 2024, get it signed by the respective (major) Departmental Coordinator and Head of the Department and keep it with themselves till the end of the semester. The students may be asked to produce the registration card during the examinations, therefore, they must keep the card properly.

The students must stick to the registration and change schedule. No request for registration/ change can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The students should check the notice board/ contact the office (of the respective AECC/MC/MDC department) for exact class routine and other details.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration/ change of courses. To ensure that your registration is done, crosscheck your name in the list of applicants.

Registration of courses shall be completed with online payment of semester fees, examination fees etc. (as applicable) by the students.


Course Registration: 2nd February - 10th February 2024

Payment of Fees: 2nd February - 11th February 2024

AECC/MC/MDC Classes Begin: 8th February 2024

AECC/MC/MDC Change: 12th February - 18th February 2024

Card Download: 19th February 2024 - 25th February 2024

Card Submission Last Date: 26th February 2024


The students may contact the faculty coordinator(s) if they need any help. The names of the departmental coordinators are as follows:





Sandip Kumar Mandal


Dibyendu Mallick; Debajyoti Pramanik;


Prithviraj Guha ; Jayeeta Deshmukh ;


Anirban Ray (MDC) ; Debanjana Nayek ; Priyanka Das ; Kalyan Das (MC/GE) ; ; ;


Jay Sanyal


Md Sayad Rahaman


Rishi Bhusan Choubay


Deepa Khakha; Kishan Sirswal; Salim Zaweed (MC/GE); Gourav Lama (MDC);;;

English Communication (AECC)

Madhura Damle (Political Science)

Life Science

MD Nur Alam ; Ayan Das ;


Pampa Paul

Performing Arts

Debaroti Chakraborty


Nusrat Jahan; Dibyendu Mondal ;


Subhendu Rajbanshi ; Abhishake Sadhukhan ;

Political Science

Madhura Damle; Y. Suresh Babu ;


Sumita Saha ; Sana Rahman ;


Radhakanta Das



Step 1: Create ABC ID (or if already have an ABC account then go to Step 2)

Step 2: Course Registration

Step 3: Fees Payment

In case of further queries, the students may contact Course Registration Cell Joint Convenors:

Dr. Madhura Damle, Department of Political Science

Dr. Suranjana Banerji, Department of Geography

Controller of Examinations

Applicant List Course Registration Card