GE and SEC Registration Instructions: EVEN Semester 2023-2024 Session

UG Fourth Semester

The UG (undergraduate) students need to study THREE CORE courses, ONE SEC (Skill Enhancement Course) and ONE GE (Generic Elective) in their FOURTH semester.

GE (Generic Elective): 6 credits

‘Elective’ means a course which is chosen by a student. ‘Generic Elective’ is a course to be chosen by a student from a discipline/subject OTHER THAN his/her major department, with an intention to seek exposure beyond his/her major discipline/ subject.

The list of GE (Generic Elective) courses offered by various departments for EVEN semester, 2023-2024 session is given below. The UG FOURTH semester students are requested to choose ANY ONE of these courses in the timeline stipulated below.

DepartmentPaperPaper CodeTo offer to students ofSeat LimitOccupiedStatus
Bengali Jibani, Atmajibani O JibanisahityaBENG04GE4Both6061Closed
ChemistryTransition Metal & Coordination Chemistry, States Of Matter & Chemical KineticsCHEM04GE4.1Science5014Open
EconomicsIndian Economy IIECON04GE4ABothNo Limit3Open
EconomicsPublic FinanceECON04GE4BBothNo Limit16Open
EnglishGender and Human RightsENGL04GE4Both8080Closed
GeographySustainable DevelopmentGEOG04GE4BothNo Limit22Open
GeologyGlobal Tectonics and Supercontinent CyclesGEOL04GE4AScienceNo Limit8Open
GeologyResource GeologyGEOL04GE4BScienceNo Limit6Open
Hindi Sampadan Prakriya aur Sajsajja HIND04GE4BBothNo LimitOpen
HistorySouth Asian Cultures in the Age of NationalismHIST04GE4BothNo Limit11Open
Life SciencesMacromolecules of LifeBIOS04GE4Science809Open
MathematicsAlgebra IIMATH04GE4Science6016Open
Performing Arts How Does Performance WorkPFAR04GE4Both2020Closed
PhilosophyPhilosophy and Peace StudiesPHIL04GE4BothNo Limit27Open
Political SciencePolitical SociologyPOLS04GE4A BothNo Limit2Open
SociologySociology of MediaSOCL04GE4BothNo Limit72Open
StatisticsApplied Multivariate and Regression ModelsSTAT04GE4Science403Open


* Note: For detail syllebus, visit departmental webpage or contact with departmental GE coordinator(s)

* Prerequisite:

(i) Only those who have successfully completed STAT02GE2 in semester 2 can opt STAT04GE4 as their GE course.

SEC (Skill Enhancement Course): 4 credits

Skill Enhancement Courses are value-based and/or skill-based and are aimed at providing hands-on-training, competencies, skills, etc. offered by the main discipline/subject of study.

At the beginning of each semester, they need to choose and register for SEC course in a particular time window provided by the university. The students must stick to the registration schedule published on the university website. No request for registration can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration of SEC subjects.

The list of SEC subjects offered by various departments for UG FOURTH semester in EVEN Semester 2023-2024 session is given below. The UG FOURTH SEMESTER students are requested to choose ANY ONE of these courses from their respective honours departments.

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of
Bengali BENG04SEC2Bangla Anubad ChorchaBengali
ChemistryCHEM04SEC2.2Pharmaceutical ChemistryChemistry
EconomicsECON04SEC2Analyzing contemporary economic issuesEconomics
EnglishENGL04SEC2Creative WritingEnglish
GeographyGEOG04SEC2Research MethodsGeography
GeologyGEOL04SEC2Field Work 2Geology
Hindi HIND04SEC2Anubad : Siddhant Aur PrabidhiHindi
HistoryHIST04SEC2AIndian Art and ArchitectureHistory
Life SciencesBIOS04SEC2Recombinant DNA TechnologyLife Sciences
Performing Arts PFAR04SEC2Performance Arts ManagementPerforming Arts
PhilosophyPHIL04SEC2Seminar Paper WritingPhilosophy
PhysicsPHYS04SEC2Modern Experimental and Theoretical TechniquesPhysics
Political SciencePOLS04SEC2Applied Politics ProjectPolitical Science
SociologySOCL04SEC2Report WritingSociology
StatisticsSTAT04SEC2Advanced Statistical Computing using RStatistics


Timeline for EVEN Semester, 2023-2024 Session:

UG FOURTH Semester

GE registration of UG 4th semester students for Even Semester 2024 will commence from 1.00 pm of 2nd February 2024. All the students shall register latest by 5.00 pm of 9th February of 2024. The students can also change their GE course between 15th to 19th February 2024. No changes will be allowed after this period. The classes for GE courses will begin from 2nd February 2024.

All the students should download their GE registration card between 20th February and 25th February 2024, get it signed by the GE coordinator and Head of the department and submit a hard copy to the departmental coordinator by 26th February 2024 and preserve a copy with them, which they would need to produce at the time of examination.

The students must stick to the registration and change schedules. Adequate time has been allocated for the students to finalize their GE choice. No request for registration/ change can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration/ change of GE courses. To ensure that your registration is done, crosscheck your name in the list of applicants.

GE Registration: 2nd – 9th February 2024

GE Classes Begin: 2nd February 2024

GE Change: 15th – 19th February 2024

Card Download: 20th August – 25th February 2024

Card Submission Last Date: 26th February 2024

In case of further queries, the students may contact GE/AECC Cell Joint Convenors:

Dr. Madhura Damle, Department of Political Science

Dr. Suranjana Banerji, Department of Geography

Controller of Examinations

GE and SEC Applicant List GE Registration Card