GE and AECC Instructions:

UG Second Semester 2019

As per the UGC Guidelines, Presidency University has adopted new syllabi based on CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) from 2018-19. In this system, ALL the Undergraduate FIRST semester students have to study TWO CORE courses, ONE AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course), and ONE GE (Generic Elective) course.

A student has to choose and register for GE / AECC courses at the beginning of each semester in a particular time window provided by the university. After the courses commence, the students are also given an opportunity to change the course within a particular time period. The students must stick to the registration schedule published on the university website. No request for registration/ change can be entertained after the stipulated dates.

The entire registration process is done ONLINE. It is recommended to use Computer System instead of mobile to apply for registration/ change of GE / AECC courses. To ensure that your registration is done, crosscheck your name in the list of applicants.

AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course): 4 credits

All students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Presidency University will study Environmental Science as the compulsory AECC in UG Second semester.

All students of the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical sciences of Presidency University will study MIL (Modern Indian Language)/ English Communication as the compulsory AECC in UG Second semester.

GE (Generic Elective): 6 credits

`Elective` means a course which is chosen by a student.

`Generic Elective` is a course to be chosen by a student from a discipline/subject OTHER THAN his/her major department, with an intention to seek exposure beyond his/her major discipline/subject.

The list of GE (Generic Elective) courses offered by various departments for EVEN Semester 2018-19 is given below. ALL the UG SECOND SEMESTER students are requested to choose ANY ONE of these courses OTHER THAN his/her major department.

DepartmentPaper codePaperTo offer to students of
Bengali BENG02GE2Kalpabigyan o Fantasy Both
ChemistryCHEM02GE2Chemical Energetics, Equilibria and Functional Organic ChemistryScience
EconomicsECON02GE2Introductory MacroeconomicsBoth
EnglishENGL02GE2Digital HumanitiesBoth
GeographyGEOG02GE2Regional DevelopmentBoth
GeologyGEOL02GE2Rocks & MineralsScience
GuestLANG02GE2AGerman Language and Culture IBoth
HindiHIND02GE2AAdhunik Bharatiya KavitaBoth
HistoryHIST02GE2The Twentieth Century WorldBoth
Life SciencesBIOS02GE2Economic applications of plant and microbial biotechnologyBoth
MathematicsMATH02GE2Calculus IIScience
Performing Arts PFAR02GE2 What is PerformanceBoth
PhilosophyPHIL02GE2BRecent Indian PhilosophersBoth
PhysicsPHYS02GE2BPhysics of Everyday LifeBoth
Political SciencePOLS02GE2BCaste and Politics in India Both
SociologySOCL02GE2AFamily and IntimacyBoth
StatisticsSTAT02GE02Introductory probabilityScience

Timeline for EVEN Semester 2019:

The AECC / GE registration for Even Semester 2018-19 will commence from 11.00 am of 4th January 2019. The students shall register latest by 5.00 pm of 18th January 2019. A change in the AECC / GE course is also permissible between the aforementioned date and time. No changes will be allowed after this period.

All the students should download their AECC / GE registration card between 29th January 2019 and 2nd February 2019, keep a copy of it with themselves and submit another copy to their respective (major) departmental coordinator by 6th February 2019.


GE / AECC / GE / AECC / GenEd Registration begins
(any desired change(s) can be incorporated simultaneously)

4th January 2019

GE / AECC / GenEd Registration closes (change(s) would also be closed)

18th January 2019

GE / AECC / GenEd classes begin

9th January 2019

GE / AECC Registration Card Download begins

29th January 2019

GE / AECC Registration Card Download closes

2nd February 2019

GE / AECC Registration Card Submission last date

6th February 2019

The students may contact the coordinator(s) of their respective MAJOR department if they need any help. The names of the departmental coordinators are as follows:




Swarupa Bandyopadhyay


Biplab Biswas


Prithviraj Guha


Kalyan Kumar Das ; Debanjana Nayek


Mery Biswas


Riya Mondal


Rishi Bhusan Choubay


Navras Jaat Aafreedi ; Oyndrila Sarkar

Life Sciences

Abhijit Dey


Ritu Sen

Performing Arts

A.P. Rajaram


Manoj Panda


Gour Bhattacharyya

Political Science

Yarraguntla Suresh Babu; Tanwir Arshed


Sumita Saha ; Suvrata Chowdhary


Radhakanta Das

In case of further queries, the students may contact AECC / GE / GenEd Cell Joint Convenors:

Dr. Madhura Damle
Department of Political Science

Dr. Suranjana Banerji
Department of Geography

AECC-GE Registration Card

AECC-GE Applicant List